Go With Happiness

In a ditch effort to prevent myself from being consumed by negativity, I have decided to get a shrink. Kidding, those are too expensive. I downloaded a mobile app Sunday last week that that has been encouraging me to find happiness in everything. So far, it’s doing me a lot of good.

I don’t want to share full details because people might think I have clinical depression. However, I encourage people to download it. It’s called Happier. It’s astounding that you can make someone’s day just by leaving comments on their status or as the app calls it, “happy moments”.

For the longest time my mother has been telling me to always have a positive disposition, because doing so attracts positivity and luck. I never believed in it. But everything started to look up when I began making conscious efforts to see the brighter side of things, the glimpses of hope, the silver linings.

And being happy for 6 days led me to catching up with a few college friends I absolutely love. I am not sure why I chose El Chupacabra but food is amazing there and it’s a pretty laid back place.

I had dinner with Cam H and Lea.

And Martin as well.

We moved to Greenbelt after, primarily to catch Insurgent, but since we had an hour to kill, we grabbed dessert.

It was an amazing evening and if there’s any takeaway from last Saturday night it would be: Go With Happiness.

It’s pretty cool to not spend a Saturday night alone for a change. I know I always have this “I can do anything I want, whenever I feel like it because I’m independent like that”, but these are the moments when I’m grateful that I realize I can’t do everything by myself all the time. Right now, I’m in a happy place, and I’m savoring every moment because I am not certain until when I will be here.

And to end this post, just like the people from the faction of Amity, I encourage you to go with happiness.

Go With Happiness

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