Gearing Up For A Marathon

When I was in High School, and in Freshman Year of college, I was pretty fit. Not necessarily in shape, but I had quite an endurance. I distinctly remember being able to go distances without breathing so heavily, and without having to take breaks. That was 6 years ago. Yikes!

Ever since Sophomore Year, I had gotten busy and the time I usually devoted to evening runs have turned to sleepless nights, or deep slumbers. I know, not the best excuse. When I went on my Junior Term Abroad, I got to do evening walks. I didn’t think of bringing rubber shoes back then, but how I wish I did!

Senior year came, and I started entering the workforce, and I completely disregarded the whole idea of physical fitness. It wasn’t until last month when I decided to get back on track. I had to start somewhere, and the perfect motivation for me was that I get to buy myself a new pair of shoes [should I want to get into the fitness bandwagon]. And, I did!


It was easy deciding to go with adidas. I’ve always worn shoes from the brand for Physical Education classes ever since I was young. It made perfect sense to go with it, specially because their shoes fit my feet perfectly. I was considering of getting the Ultra Boosts, but it would’ve been quite pretentious of me to buy a pair of expensive shoes, just to drive me to run. The feeling of ultra boosts on your feet though is just amazing! If you’re an avid runner, I say cop yourself a pair!pure20boost_zpso7ppcdll

Instead, I got myself the color core black/infrared Pure Boost 2.0. These are really lightweight, and echoing the sentiments of some people, wearing these shoes would probably be how it feels like to have clouds on your feet! To be honest, I think all pairs with the Boost technology of adidas give off the same feeling!


Last Sunday, I decided to take them out for a spin when I jogged around Greenhills Shopping Center (every morning from 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM, they have a dedicated joggers’ lane). It felt amazing. Going around for a good 5 km didn’t feel exhausting, and my feet didn’t ache at all. I would’ve done a farther run but my phone’s battery was getting depleted, and I just can’t do anything without listening to music!


So, this is me promising that by middle of this year, I’d join one of those runs to check out if I’m on track to getting fit. And long-term goal, years down the road, perhaps even try for a marathon. Fingers crossed!

Gearing Up For A Marathon

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