REVIEW: innisfree capsule recipe pack

I have been going home lately every weekend. I’d be out drinking with friends and/or just go around the Metro and eat midnight snacks. Safe to say, I’d be on my bed early in the morning, just before the sun rises.

Before adopting a comprehensive skincare routine, my bad weekend habit would leave my face dull, too dry and as a result, rough. It’s an upsetting problem, especially when I devote a great amount of time to cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream and moisturize even when it’s 4:30 in the morning. Thankfully, I was able to find a solution, and really, by pure chance.

If there is one thing I could honestly swear by, it would be the face mask sheets of innisfree. While I was navigating the website of the famous Korean skincare brand, I accidentally clicked the sleeping masks tab and saw what looked like coffee capsules/pods. I was immediately intrigued by the innisfree capsule recipe pack!

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

All the innis capsule recipe packs serve different purposes, from firming, to moisturizing and soothing the skin. While the bamboo one sounded to be the most promising, I opted to get myself the green tea.  The latter had more reviews, and in general, I’m more familiar with the benefits off skincare products with green tea as the main ingredient.

When I got the products, I immediately thought how the innisfree capsule recipe packs do look a lot like coffee pods, especially that they are so light!

innisfree capsule recipe pack greentea

I opened one, and at first, I felt bad because it’s as if the product had been used already. The pack isn’t filled with the product at all. A good estimate is that the pack is only filled up to one-third? At first, I was disappointed, but realized that the actual product is quite thick in consistency. I also read reviews of users that one capsule recipe pack is good for about three to four uses, depending on how much you apply on your face.

innisfree capsule recipe pack greentea product


That said, wish innisfree would improve the packaging such that it’s easier to lock the cap (though I watched some YouTube videos saying that this is already an improvement from before). So, yes, folks. You can put back the lid and it will ‘lock’ a bit so you could use the product again.

innisfree capsule recipe pack greentea open


When it comes to the actual product, I could say that it’s really effective. As mentioned,  I have started using this recently. What I noticed is that whenever I apply this sleeping mask after a long day, I wake up with my skin feeling great. It’s smooth, and soft, and I could feel that the moisture was retained on my skin. What’s great, even, is that I don’t wake up to that sticky feeling I usually get after I use a face sheet mask.

I have used the product about five times, and that’s only with just one capsule recipe pack. Note that I apply the sleeping mask quite generously already. As mentioned, the consistency is quite thick, so even just a small amount would suffice to cover your entire face.

Pro-Tip: Before using the product, place it inside your refrigerator. Chill it. It feels even greater on the face when it’s cool.

If you’re wondering where I bought the product, because innisfree doesn’t have a store in the Philippines, well I got it through BeautyMNL. I could have opted to get it through innisfree as they ship worldwide, but I had a crazy previous experience—shall get into that when I talk about the innisfree Daily UV protection cream mild SPF35 PA++ 50mL.

REVIEW: innisfree capsule recipe pack

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