Along the Yellow Brick Road of Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh

During my recent vacation in Singapore, one of the more remarkable things that caught my attention was the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2019 Collection. If all of you could remember, this is the debut collection of Virgil Abloh as the Men’s Artistic Director of the French fashion house.

LV x Virgil Abloh Oz-2

It was an interesting bridge from Marina Bay Sands to the Louis Vuitton Island—from all the shops to suddenly see this display. As a huge fan of “Wizard of Oz”, I just had to stop and follow the yellow brick road!

LV x Virgil Abloh Oz

The pieces in display were just a select few from what was seen in the show in Paris last year. I am curious how they decided what to have put on display—perhaps it was based off what would be available for sale in Singapore? I’m not sure at all. I definitely obsessed over some pieces. The denim-ensemble which had the Dorothy on the poppies print was pretty interesting.

LV x Virgil Abloh Oz-3

The ribbed utility gilet was pushing the street and slightly avant-garde look.

Whereas harnesses saw its peak last year in the fashion scene globally, the teal calfskin cutaway vest elevates the idea of the typical leather harness. An ordinary black-on-black, becomes more interesting with this sophisticated accessory.

LV x Virgil Abloh Oz-7

One of my most favorite pieces not only what was displayed, but in the entire collection—the Poppies Dorothy Graphic Windbreaker. I’m not a huge fan of prints when it comes to my clothes. In fact, most of the prints and patterns you will only see for my work clothes. There is something captivating with the field of poppies and the image of Judy Garland just laying on it.

Last, the yellow brick road shirt. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling it. I prefer the crewneck version of it, though! Nothing more iconic, and something that screams “Wizard of Oz” than the image of the misfit gang along the yellow brick road.

LV x Virgil Abloh Oz-6

Along the Yellow Brick Road of Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh

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