Hope This Won’t Be Goodbye

Last day…I woke up early and left my brother’s flat before he did. I went to Toast Box to have breakfast and to read “What The Dog Saw” by Malcolm Gladwell and I brought along my brother’s book to help me decide what to do for my last day. I had a, what I would call “self-date”. It was calming and it felt nice to just feel good about myself being alone and simply just chilling.

I walked around and found my way going to the Fountain of Wealth. I made a wish of course and that is for me to keep…Really hoping that will come true! I swear, the infrastructure of Singapore is something that amazes me. I love the concept of the 5 buildings around it to be like 5 fingers and the center is the palm which is the fountain. Amazing!

I walked by the Esplanade where I amused myself with collecting ribbons each containing one “key value”. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get one for each of the 17 values. It was fun though! I looked like a mad kid trying to get all of the ribbons even when it was raining.

My brother and I met for lunch at a Kopitiam somewhere. I don’t know why but I really enjoy eating any food Singapore tosses at me. I got some noodle with a lot of good stuff in it. I was even able to sort of talk to someone who is deaf. So that’s a +!

I was off to be alone and I went to Orchard, I don’t know why exactly…but I went inside the Ngee Ann City to look for Kinokuniya. Sadly I wasn’t able to purchase a book because I couldn’t make up my mind which book is nice and will be helpful in life. Add to that I’m nowhere near halfway through “What The Dog Saw”. When I explored the place more, to my surprise. I saw Paul!!

I bought macarons and ate them right away. They still tasted as heavenly as they did in France! I bought a croissant for my brother before I left. I decided to go back to the empty ramp place hoping there would be people this time, and luckily, there were people skateboarding, spray painting and “scooter-ing”. My favorite one is the kick scooter kid because he’s friendly and he even asked me to take pictures of him and send to him…but he forgot to tell me his e-mail address before he just left. It was still fun shooting people because I really like taking pictures of inanimate objects and animals. It was different and quite refreshing! Add to that, the kid has some serious skill!

I met up with my brother for dinner after that. We had cereal prawns and it tasted really good! I think the prawns tasted better if you eat the shell, but my brother likes it without the shell. To each his own, I guess. We went back to my brother’s flat and we fixed our bags. We rested until around 10-ish then went to Changi. Our flight was at 2:20 AM so we just had so much time to kill.
At one point we got hungry so I we stayed in McDonald’s and I tried the samurai burger which tasted so good. Reminds me of the rice burgers we had here before!
+ side: it had much sauce so the burger was really full of flavor. – side: it was messy. Haha! Would love to have that burger here in the Philippines though!
More boredom so I decided to venture around and I saw this computer terminal place and what made it fun was the large touchscreen monitors that had multi touch functions. It’s like a gigantic iPad! It’s really safe to say that Changi is one of the best airports in the world. You can probably lock me in there and I wouldn’t even mind! Haha!

We went to the boarding gate at some point and just relaxed inside the airplane. Wanted to have a comfortable sleep but at one point a baby just started crying and he/she just woke up everyone! Haha! We arrived so late back in the Philippines, we were supposed to arrive at 5:45 AM but we ended up landing at 6:30 AM. What’s up with that? Haha! It was fun though!
I’m really looking forward to my next flight to Singapore! 🙂

Hope This Won’t Be Goodbye

Singapore Trip. Flight to the Lion City

As you all know, I went to Singapore April 06 and I came back here at April 12 around 1:00 am. I’m doing the blogs by day so expect a flood of blog entries and photos. Haha! Actually, I haven’t even posted any photo yet! Will start soon, I’m still selecting which to upload. I took 1300+ photos and some aren’t so “postable”. Haha!

April 06, 2011

The cab picked us up at around 12:40pm and we got to the airport around 1:00pm. At first I was telling my mom it’s okay to be early than to be just on the right time. I was dead wrong. NAIA 3 was just so empty and it was too boring! Nothing to do and nothing to see for the 3-4 hours we waited for the plane to arrive. So what did my mom and I do? Well, we saw Bo’s Coffee and to be honest, I would rather that Starbucks was just there. I guess because I’m more accustomed to the chill atmosphere it brings.

mom took this! 🙂

After taking our time drinking and eating (we REALLY took our time finishing our drinks and cheesecakes), mom and I decided to check out the mini mini Duty Free.

We went to the waiting area and after 2 or so hours, our plane arrived though they had to fix it up or something so we waited like 30 more minutes. Got a bit irritated because we’ve been waiting for how many hours.

When I got inside the airplane, I was super excited to go to my seat. For some of you who may not know, whenever I ride an airplane, it’s a sort of must for me to sit on the window seat. Seeing the clouds make me so happy! Haha! I guess seeing whatever’s below also makes me happy.

I was actually waving goodbye when I took this shot! Haha!

I also like seeing the sun set when I’m on the plane, I guess it’s a consolation for a night flight. (FYI, I hate flights at night)

Our dinner was just so sad. Cup of noodles 😦 But that was just the first of 3 “dinners”. Haha!

When we finally got off, I instantly saw my brother and it was just fun to see him after 3 months! My mom was also happy such that most of the pictures in the airport were just them. Haha!

We were very hungry and my brother recommended Toast Box to my mom and I. To be fair, their kaya toast was really good!

My brother fetched mom and I to our hotel and we ate real dinner after. Best hainanese chicken I’ve ever tasted in my whole life! The hainanese rice alone was just so delicious! Didn’t bother taking pictures anymore because I was just so hungry that the moment I laid down my food, I quickly finished everything! Haha! That’s how I started my Singapore journey and I shall post what happened in the first whole day soon! :>

Singapore Trip. Flight to the Lion City