Back from the Break


After how many days, we’re back to school and school load just appear everywhere! New deadlines to meet. Group works everywhere. Meetings here and there.


Anyway, today was the “High School Uniform Day” that my freshie friend came up with. Although I commend his efforts of broadcasting this to a lot of people, and mind you a lot of people were talking about it this morning and afternoon, I feel bad that it wasn’t able to affect behavior that much. In other words, only very few Ateneans did it (too bad I wasn’t able to picture anyone!) Sayang! I really wanted to take a picture of something interesting and that is why I loved my break before PE today.

I saw this on my way to my PE room. It really amused me specially since the whole Christmas break, a Harry Potter film would be playing nearly everyday! There was this day even that Harry Potter 1, 2 and 6 were shown in one day. Marathon much?  But I wanted to see HP4 again, I really loved that film.

What also amused me to day is my friend, Nikki’s new hairdo. She made her hair wavy/curly. She didn’t want to remove the scrunchy, maybe next week she’ll finally remove it. Haha! I’m hoping!!


I realized that people in the block are getting new hairdos! My most favorite hairdo would be Sassy’s. She really pulled off the pixie cut well. She had it last month pa though and I hope she keeps it for a long time. Until grad sana! HAHA! But…well it’s not Emma Watson pixie. But it’s like a pixie/boy cut. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Next time!

But aside from Platform 9 3/4 and the hairdo of Nikki, I was also amused by the fact that I ALWAYS fix my hair during PE. Just realized it now! Good thing Self-Defense is in the room with mirrors at the LS Covered Courts. Pero grabe, hindi talaga bagay sa akin mag martial arts if not Wu Shu or Tai Chi. I look so awkward! :))

Hmm… SCI10 was a bummer because our prof gave back our LT1 papers. EWW. Don’t like my grade. FIL 14, I must admit that I enjoy ma’am Santos’ lectures. She’s funny and she knows when to inject hirits here and there. COM12 was normal. Nothing out of the ordinary other than the fact that I was able to recite. Haha! For LS10. I enjoyed it though at one point I wanted to sleep because I lacked sleep (only 4 hours!). Need to get my body clock fixed soon!

To finish this entry, I want to leave you guys a question which I got-ish from my LS prof,

Alam mo ba na may Red Light District sa Katipunan? 😉

Back from the Break

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