My Polaroid Album

DSC_0079 copyOne of the dilemmas I have with owning an instax is where to place all the prints. At first I thought I could just keep them in my wallet but eventually I had more and more shots. I kept them all in a random box but eventually I realized it looks so tacky to just keep them in a box.

I asked my brother who also owns an Instax (a bigger one actually) what he uses as a photo album and he told me he bought from MUJI. Since then I have visited MUJI x number of times to check if they have a photo album with just the right size. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the one. My brother’s just lucky because his prints are bigger since his Instax is bigger.

When I visited MUJI in Shang East Wing tonight though, something caught my eye which I bought right away!

DSC_0081 copyIt’s actually a card holder but since my prints are wallet-sized. The prints fit almost perfectly in the sleeves of the card holder! Really happy with it!

DSC_0082 copyThis way, I can easily organize my prints and I can easily just browse through my photos. Really excited to fill up this album (and future albums) and by the end of the year, smile at the photos, at the memories. Exciting!

For now, on I go as I continue to bring Athena with me as I capture more memories!

My Polaroid Album

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