This is where I breathe

Have you ever brewed yourself a cup of coffee, and because of all the crazies in life you forget that you actually made coffee for yourself, then when you come back for it you think that it’s not too hot anymore so you confidently drink then you burn your tongue by accident and out of shock you drop the mug and you break it? No? Thought so.

Well, it’s something that has happened to me, and whenever that thought visits me, or when I visit that thought, I laugh at it. It’s always an interesting story to tell. Well, not really. It’s admittedly quite frustrating.

The idea that you burned your tongue and have left yourself incapable of being able to taste, and appreciate flavors. Breaking one of your favorite mugs, and you know fully well that you can’t just piece all the parts together. It’s not the same anymore!! Not to mention, the fact that you just wasted a cup of good brewed coffee.

But, this is where I breathe. Even for just a bit. This is the only half-breath I could take. I may not deserve it, but I’m taking it. I’m fucking taking this time to breathe.

This is where I breathe

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