Experiencing Some Diversity

What characterizes a true, 100% Singaporean? Do you have to be Chinese? Indian? Malay? Hmm…probably not. Chicken Rice? Satay? Kopi? Teh? Hmm…maybe not as well. Catholic? Hindu? Well, Singapore is very much diverse really, I bet you guys already knew that!
For my second day I spent time in Little India and Chinatown and a bit of the Botanic Gardens (where I just mainly stayed by the swans, ducks and other cute feathery cuties).

I started the day in Kopitiam. It took me forever to find it because my brother’s instructions weren’t so exact…or maybe I really just got lost. HAHAHA. OPS. There is always something with how they make their kopi so perfect such that I don’t have to add sugar anymore or cream or anything.

I took the Circle Line then transferred to the Red line to get to Little India! It was really so hot that time! But the moment I stepped out, I was greeted with really colorful decors! Apparently there was some Deepavali event. So, Happy Deepavali! Haha!

What can I say about Little India? It was different from the city center, obviously! I like how lively Indian music was playing in every corner and by that I mean EVERY CORNER. How I wish I was really hungry so I could’ve tasted their food but I was so full from my breakfast. People weren’t exactly friendly, but there were several who would smile. So that’s a +.

I got lost though at one point (yes, getting lost will be recurring theme in my whole trip). I strayed too far and I couldn’t find any MRT signs anywhere. And it was getting too hot already. At one point I wished a fountain would just appear and mist me with water…but something better showed up. A SIGN TO A MALL! (to think I told myself I will not step foot inside a mall in this trip because I didn’t want to be a tourist but it’s really inevitable).

After chilling inside the new mall I went out and asked for directions to go the MRT and off I went to Chinatown! A lot of lanterns were up and, as expected, many stalls were there selling all different types of stuff. I really loved it there. No music around the area but everything just seemed so appealing (this shows how much I like all things Chinese, I guess?)
I was able to enter several temples and I stopped in a certain one to experience what it’s like to “pray” and I even offered some “gifts”. The feeling was quite surreal actually. In a way, I felt refreshed after leaving the temple.

After going around, I went to the Botanic Gardens where I pretty much just stayed taking pictures of ducks and swans. My favorite is Natalie Portman the black swans!
Such a fierce creature!!!
I met with my brother to eat dinner in a hawker center by the Esplanade but we decided to go to a more famous one which is by Raffles. It has such a cute name, “Lau Pa Sat”!
We got there pretty early so it wasn’t very crowded yet.

Brother ordered 20++ sticks of satay and I bought some chicken rice thing. We both felt so bloated after! Haha!

We went back home and I got bad news on CTK..we had to come up with more proposals, meaning my entire stay in Singapore, I had acads to ruin my life. HAHA. and that’s it for day two!

Experiencing Some Diversity

Singapore Trip. Fun Fun Funan

April 07, 2011

First morning in Singapore. Woke up to the freezing coolness of the hotel room. My mom and I freshened up and we went to Kopitiam for breakfast. I had Kaya toast, eggs and a big but delicious cup of coffee. Mom also got us some shrimp dumpling. Really really good! We went back to the hotel to ask for directions but when we got outside, we realized we didn’t get it. So we asked this SMU student and we totally understood it! Haha!

Wasn’t able to enter the campus but judging from the outside, it’s really nice. The students are even nice, both inside and out. HAHA!

We used the MRT and I was shocked that there wasn’t anyone there! Joke, there were just like 5-6 people. But wow, it was so bright and clean. Well what can you expect, it’s Singapore. Haha! We got off at ION, i think, not too sure haha! and we were really early that most of the shops were still closed! Haha! We went around then when we went outside, mom and I did some photo tripping. The art installment of the people statues really caught my eye! As well as the big Prada sign and the Louis Vuitton window display. The buildings and architectural shiz were also so awesome.

Mom and I walked and walked and saw the Ngee Ann City and the Takashimaya (which we just called Takashima, saved us one syllable. HAHA!). After, we went back to ION or actually I’m not so sure with the name anymore HAHA! Ate lunch and had my first Happy Lemon ever in my whole life. Left my mom in the Hotel to do some adventure on my own. It was soooo hoootttt. I think I got dark because of my adventure. Saw this tall school with a tree in front, the School of The Arts. Cute how they placed announcements by the steps!

When I went back to the hotel, my mom left this time and she did some adventure then after some time my brother came and he brought us around, ish. Haha! We went to different places and I can barely remember the names. Haha! We passed by the Singapore Art Museum, an SMU building, other random places but our final destination was Clarke Quay.

We ate in Octapas and the service was sloowww. Good thing the food was okay. Well we just ordered this paella, since we were quite full anyway. Saw this sign of Saatchi & Saatchi and I just had to have a picture with it. Shallow but I really want to work there someday. They’re just so amazing! Mom and I went back to the hotel excited for the following days.

Oh btw, one of our stops was actually at the Funan DigitaLife Mall where my brother bought me my first prime lens ever! I’m calling it Funphy(Fun-phee) for now. The only difficult part is the lack of autofocus for my D60, but it’s okay. It’s the practice I need 🙂 Thank you brother! hihi.

Singapore Trip. Fun Fun Funan