Art in the Park Philippines 2016

One of the things I secretly enjoy doing is go Behance-hopping. Behance? As in the online portfolio website? Yes, Behance. Why? Simply  because I enjoy looking at works of people, amateurs and professionals alike. It all started with DeviantArt, when I would look for nice new desktop wallpapers for my MacBook White. I always fancied the abstract designs. Triangles. Aztec Patterns. Dreamcatchers. Anything intriguing, bold, daring, demanding. And in case you were wondering, no, I don’t put stickers on my laptop. I’m not a hipster.

While clicking portfolios like crazy, and checking the social media accounts of the different local talents, I found out that this year’s Art in The Park was to take place on April 3. Of course the inner, faux-hipster in me was screaming. Jumping. Ecstatic. I have always loved design. Art was something I appreciated. It’s something that calms me. And just liked that, booked! I wrote on my planner that I have to go there no matter what. No matter what.


Jap Mikel. Ultramar Leones Scout. Check him out at: Laging Handa.

I braved the heat of the Sunday Summer sun (and was confidently able to do so because I put on Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen) to be immersed with art enthusiasts at the Jaime Velasquez park in Salcedo Village, Makati. The place was packed at 2 in the afternoon. There were young people and mature ones. Locals, and even some tourists. People who personally knew some artists, and those just getting a grasp of a fracture the local art scene. I do not claim to be an aficionado. No. I just enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things.

The Art In The Park was quite pleasant. There were a lot of nice finds, mostly paintings. Too much paintings, in my opinion. Sketches, graphic design, and flat art. A lot of it.




I fell in love right away when I saw both artworks. I wanted to buy them the moment I laid my eyes on both, but I couldn’t find the artist…nor anyone responsible for these. Oh well. I took note of the contact details of the artist though. art20in20the20park20201620ph_13_zps5rpcpwfw

The lower left one is my iPhone’s new home wall paper. It’s very, #Relevant.

This was my favorite one of them all. Perhaps because of the quote placed on it.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom” – Anaïs Nin.


I saw some functional ones too. I was tempted to buy, but I only had a tote with me. It would be a shame if I ended up bringing home pieces chipped, or completely broken even. Yikes.




My favorite pieces were the ones with wood. This one below particularly was calling me. It was too expensive. If only they accepted credit cards. Don’t tell me that they did, I would regret not getting this one. Regret it a lot. 


art20in20the20park20201620ph_6_zpsvfvzbwkgCan you say, “love”?


Even this piece was beautiful. So much shade thrown by the lady. But the line, “You’re a Nobody!”. Too negative for my life now. Still, it looks amazing.


There were sculptures, and knickknacks. And other things I do not know what to classify but they were pretty and you could see the craftsmanship in those pieces.


These small very Pinoy works were adorable.


Ral Arrogante’s works were divine. This one, I particularly liked. It was just part of a larger piece. LARGER piece.


I wish I already have my own place so I have the freedom to casually bring home artworks, and decorate my pad. Yes, I ended up not buying anything from Art in the Park. Saving up for my own place should be a priority. Soon, though. Let me just enjoy money for now. Yes, I know. Such a financially irresponsible thing to say. But, it’s true though! 

Hopefully, next year, when I visit the Art in the Park, I’d bring home some pieces using my own money, and without having to feel like I’d have to heavily save up. But, honestly though, so much genius among the local artists present in the event. Wish more had their cards available, would have wanted to get in touch with them in the future; I managed to get some artists’ details though. Happy!

Art in the Park Philippines 2016

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